Tompsett Growers Ltd

Growing carrots since 1960’s, Tompsett Growers Limited is a family run company established by Clem Tompsett and now run by his family – Mary, Jackie, and Sally. Clem established an ethos of caring for his employees as part of a family team and this is now a core value for the Company.

Today the management of the TGL crops; carrots, parsnips and onions, from land sourcing through to delivery to the customer is undertaken by the Farming Director, Ian Hall and a team of dedicated Managers.  Location for growing is in East Anglia though the Company venture north for late strawed carrots.

TGL work very closely with BFP [Isleham] who are located on the same site, at Whitehall Farm and have formed a strategic partnership supplying conventional carrots all year round to the UK retailers and working together has enable a closure in the gap for imported parsnips.

The Tompsett family are very proud of their own farm, based in the Cambridgeshire fens.  Not only do they farm the wonderful soils but have invested in biodiversity; planting 42 acres of woods in the fens for various wildlife and wild plants, constructing two winter stored reservoirs, as Clem realised in 1990 it was important to have the ability for store water for summer irrigation, our cereal crops are followed by direct drilling of overwintered green cover crops to enhance the soil structure, which has also encouraged an influx of visitors, lapwings, set-a-side 80 acres for the local community to use with their Eventing Complex and by running an annual charity event has enabled the family to present over £200,000 to various charities, been possible with the help of our generous sponsors, again this area is a haven for wildlife, in particular hares and English partridges.  The environment is very important so investment in solar panels on the roof of buildings located at Willow and Whitehall Farm’s. 

Our aim “to protect and enhance for future generations”.