Martin Evans

Freshgro, a growers’ co-operative based in Nottinghamshire, pioneered the return of the wartime favourite, Chantenay carrots, and is now the world’s leading supplier. In total, the group, led by managing director Martin Evans, produces over 40,000 tonnes of carrots a year and controls over 90 per cent of the Chantenay market. Martin has been MD since the formation of Freshgro in 1998 and was chairman of the British Carrot Growers’ Association (BCGA) between 2005 and 2011. He also holds other senior positions within the sector.

Freshgro has a farming base of over 20 000 acres and also produces asparagus, parsnips lettuce and other root crops. It has nearly 2 acres of factory space which serves all the country’s retailers. Carrot production in Nottinghamshire is one of the newest production areas with the first carrots being grown in 1991.

Martin says: “The future will bring more innovation and we are not just satisfied with keeping up with progress we feel it is important that we have a hand in creating progress.”